Are you open for tours?

Our building facility is not open to the public. However, we do have open house tours, as well as travel for other events frequently. You can see upcoming open house dates & events on our calendar.  

All other showings are scheduled by appointment only.


How much does a Hunting Shack cost?

Most of our hunting shacks are custom, so the price depends on many factors- trailer length, finishes, options selected, etc. We will be happy to provide you with a custom quote, based on your specific needs. On average, our hunting shacks range between $25,000-45,000.

Financing is available in some states. See FINANCING tab in the menu for additional details.


What type of vehicle do I need to move/travel with my Hunting Shack?

You will need a 3/4 ton vehicle or larger to comfortably tow your hunting shack. (For example, a Ford F250, Dodge RAM 2500, or equivalent)


How long will it take to build my Hunting Shack?

Our current production time is 90-120 days. Keep in mind, any changes you request during the building process may cause delays beyond our control.


How will I heat and cool my Hunting Shack?

Electric split unit heating & cooling systems are available, as well as pellet stoves, propane heaters, wood stoves, ceiling fans etc.


How are water, sewer and power handled?

Most models have traditional RV-style hook-ups to receive water directly to the plumbing systems. However, if you do not have any utilities available, we offer an off-grid utility set up. There are many options when it comes to off the grid. When building your home, we will add a freshwater holding tank, along with black and gray water holding tanks. This will all be discussed in much further detail during your initial build meeting.

All models have a grey-water holding tank for elimination of your hand washing, sink and shower water. The black water holding tank is for your toilet waste. There are many styles of toilets available depending on your needs and specific preference. We offer RV style, composting, incinolet, and dry flush style toilets.

Standard models have a 30 amp, 115v to the hunting shack. For off-grid models, generators and solar panels are available.